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              Welcome to Changzhou InStar Electronics Co., Ltd. website??!
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              Changzhou InStar Electronics Co., Ltd.

              InStar ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD.Is a set research and development, production, sales as one of the electroacoustic company, is one of the world first-class miniature acoustic device manufacturers, with independent mold manufacturing, the ability to produce parts. Is located in changzhou wujin...

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              InStar Electronics Co., Ltd.

              Address: Industrial Zone of LuoyangTown, Changzhou City

              Zip Code: 213104

              Mobile: 13915077901

              Tel :+86-0519-88522151 +86-0519 88795898

              Fax :+86-0519-88520258

              E-mail: ysd001@czinstar.com